Dog of the Day: Charlie the Pomeranian Corgi Mix

It’s gotten so that every time I hear the name ‘Charlie’ I hear these voices saying it. I’d like that to maybe stop please, so if anyone has any ideas on exactly which neurons I can destroy, that’d be good, thanks.

That said, I liked meeting Charlie, with or without the voices in my head. He is a charming and cheerful Pomeranian corgi mix, one year old and exactly as awesome as one might expect that combination to be. He does have to work a little on the ‘not jumping up’ thing, but he’s surprisingly polite about it even so.

Pomeranian Corgi Mix Sitting On The Floor

Look at that haunch.

Pomeranian Corgi Mix Putting One Paw On A Woman's Leg

See? One dainty paw placed gently on the leg. “Please, may I have some petting? It has been nearly a minute, and I feel quite starved for affection!”

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Charlie the Pomeranian Corgi Mix

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Adorable!! His family cares for him well, such a pretty coat!!

  2. Pawara says:

    Haha, where did you find this pomeranian corgi mix? so cute!! This is why I love living in SF, such a dog friendly city, lol.

    I have collected 15 articles about corgis, there are articles, videos and cool facts about corgis.

    Do check it out, I think you will enjoy it. Haha

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