Dog of the Day: Wrigley the Fluffy Goldendoodle

Wrigley (a male, 1 year old super fluffy goldendoodle) is not the shy and retiring sort. Definitely not the sort of dog who has any trouble making his needs known. Autumn and I ran into him outside a store, and we spent so long petting him that his owner had enough time to come outside and watch in amusement for a while before we noticed. Well, it’s pretty clear where our priorities are, since we wear them on our sleeves. Along with all the dog hair.

And yes, Wrigley is. Very.

Woman Petting Fluffy Goldendoodle Who Is Lying On His Side On The Sidewalk

I got eight good pictures of Autumn and Wrigley. Autumn’s eyes were closed in every single one.

Woman Petting Fluffy Goldendoodle Who Is Lying On His Back On The Sidewalk

You have to find just the right spot to get the leg going.

Fluffy Goldendoodle Being Petted By Photographer

I love the little glint of a fang.

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