Sunday Switchup: Superb Owl 50

These Superbowl 50 (excuse me, Superb Owl 50!) logos that were placed around the city were amusingly defaced almost before they were finished being put up. I’m no sports fan, so it was no great loss to me. In fact, at the risk of being labelled hopelessly unAmerican, when I saw the phrase ‘NFL Superbowl 50 Week’, I mistook the ‘5’ for an ‘S’ and thought that a local graffiti artist had misspelled ‘weak’, and was rather taken by the effort. Mind you, there were some things about that week that I liked…

In any case, I do like owls, so I approved of these alterations even more than I otherwise would have. (With thanks to Autumn Rhodes for the picture.)

Big Defaced Superbowl 50 Sign That Says Superb Owl 50 Now

I feel like there’s a joke in here about not giving a hoot, but I don’t care enough to hunt for it.

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