Dog of the Day: Kona the Basenji German Shepherd Mix

Another breed mix that was reported by the human, in this case mom. Basenjis are pretty unusual dogs around here, so I wouldn’t immediately guess ‘basenji German shepherd’, but Kona does have the build of a slim sighthound, and the tail and face look a bit basenji-y too. And I can definitely see some German shepherd (or Belgian, or a similar dog) in her too.

Regardless, she’s got a very noble look to her, don’t you think? I ran into her while walking in the rain, as you can see, but she didn’t mind at all. I was quite wet, and she was damp, but didn’t seem to mind at all. She looked picturesque as all get-out standing up there on the wall like some kind of canine goddess statue. And amazingly calm and quiet, especially for an 11-month-old puppy.

Basenji German Shepherd Mix Dog Standing On A Stone Wall In The Rain In San Francisco

She’s a natural. I wonder if we can find her a modeling contract?

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5 Responses to Dog of the Day: Kona the Basenji German Shepherd Mix

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Does she bark? She is gorgeous, regardless!

  2. Elena says:

    Kona only does protective barking when we are at home. Must be Shepherd in her, overwise she is very gentle and quite.

  3. Adam Lang says:

    She is! Every time I’ve met her she’s been very ladylike.

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