Caturday Supplement: Chicken the Persian Cat

I might have mentioned a little while back that I was out of cats. Well, I just happened to run into Chicken the Persian cat last Sunday, being carried out of Bow Wow Meow after a… rather traumatic event. He was, I assure you, fine, but not at his happiest. I’m sure he felt better after he got home and got settled into his new…

Who am I kidding? He’s probably still pissed off. I would be.

He does like his name a lot, though. And so do I. Even if I have no idea why exactly it was chosen.

Persian Cat In A Cat Carrier Bag

I didn’t realize just what he was going to look like when I saw him this way.

Shaved Persian Cat Being Held By A Woman And Looking Disgusted

Well… to be fair, Persians do always kind of look disgruntled.

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