Dog of the Day: Pomeranian Doggie Bag

Oh, it has been a frustrating day. Sleep problems, work problems, brain not working problems. And then I spent five minutes chasing the most ridiculously adorable corgi puppy up a hill, running like a nut, with a backpack on, only to discover when I got there that my phone was malfunctioning and wouldn’t turn on. I did manage to get it to turn on and (maybe?) get some pictures, after which it died completely. So now I get to see if I can get my phone fixed under warranty, without losing all the photos off of it.

I am going to try to get some actual sleep tonight, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to send you home early. But don’t worry, you can take home a doggie bag. From the local Pomeranian Restaurant, of course.

Pomeranian In A Shoulder Bag

Ran into this pup in Trader Joe’s. (Ssh, don’t tell anyone.)

Pomeranian In Shoulder Bag Curling His Tongue

One of the more pop-eyed Poms I’ve run into. Still adorable.


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