Caturday Supplement: Two Black Kitties

There’s a little colony of kitties that lives on one of the streets on Nob Hill near where I live. I’ve posted pictures of some of them once or twice before (though I can’t immediately locate them among the two thousand two hundred and eleven posts I’ve made on this blog. But I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted these two kitties before, because the other ones I’ve seen ran away when I saw them, whereas these two came up and demanded attention.

They were both pretty skinny, but I’m pretty sure they get fed regularly. They were also both pretty battered, and the fluffy one was missing both eartips.

Two Black Cats On A Sidewalk

I think that is my favorite eye color for a cat. So gorgeous.

Black Cat With White Highlights On A Sidewalk

Very pretty fur, although some of it was a bit mangled due to old scars.

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2 Responses to Caturday Supplement: Two Black Kitties

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Beautiful babies! I wish someone would give them a home – even if it is an outdoor home!

    • Adam Lang says:

      I think they’re cared for at least somewhat. Pretty sure someone puts food out in that alley or there wouldn’t be so many cats there. I just wish someone would take them inside, because we have few enough songbirds in my neighborhood as it is.

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