Dog of the Day: Oh What The Heck Another Lexi The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Guess what? I ran into ANOTHER CORGI yesterday morning, while jogging to work, just three blocks away from my apartment. And I think this one was just in the process of moving to the neighborhood. And her name was Lexi, just like a certain other corgi who we’ve seen lately. So I really feel like I ought to welcome her to the neighborhood.

But this is the last corgi for this corgi week-and-a-half! Really! (Unless I run into another one tomorrow. Or something else happens. But probably really!)

Derpy-Looking Red Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Very happy. Also maaaaaybe a little derpy.

Red Pembroke Welsh Corgi Barking

Lexi did a little barking, but it was obviously of the ‘hello there’ variety.

Red Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The place they were moving into is a rather nice Nob Hill building.

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