Dog of the Day: Bonus Corgi And App Announcement!

Surprise! Corgi week AND A BIT continues! Today we have a little announcement from the famous Tidus. (He once smooched Clint Eastwood! No, really, see the comment on the bottom of this page.)

Tidus and his mom are close to releasing a new iPhone game! It’s called Honey Sweet, and it features Tidus in the role of SuperCorgi, who helps the main character (you!) in your adventures. Keep your eye on Dogs of SF in June, when we’ll be announcing the release of the game, and also how you can win some limited edition Tidus the SuperCorgi tee shirts and mugs.

So, let’s see, what shall I post first? How about first I post the promo art from Honey Sweet, and then I post a few pictures of the SuperCorg himself, being very happy about his impending stardom.

Tidus the SuperCorgi In Honey Sweet

Grinning Red Pembroke Welsh Corgi In A Red Harness

Tidus has the best grin ever. And is past master of the corgi sploot.

Red Pembroke Welsh Corgi Grinning And Tilting His Head

No one can resist Tidus! NO ONE!

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Bonus Corgi And App Announcement!

  1. Sandy says:

    What a way to cap off Corgi Week (even if I’m not an IPhone person)! Seeing Tidus always means the day’s going to start right – thanks to you and Tidus’ guardian!!

  2. Looking Good Games says:

    Hi Adam and Sandy.
    Awwww!!! We are so happy that you adore Tidus so much. Well, he is pretty pawsome. Stay tuned. There’s a lot more of Tidus and friends coming your way 🙂

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