Dog of the Day: Kodak the Leonberger Puppy

Closing out the week with another little bundle of cute. No, wait, this is a BIG bundle of cute. I was walking along behind him and thinking, “Man, that’s a fluffy… hey… is that a German shepherd puppy? Can’t believe he’s that fluffy, and his ears aren’t even up yet but he’s that big, how could…” And then I figured out what he was, about the time I caught up, and I exclaimed out loud, “Wow, is that a Leonberger puppy?” The owners were definitely somewhat surprised that anyone could identify him.

I am pretty smug about that, actually. If I’ve learned nothing else from running this blog, I’ve acquired a pretty damn good working knowledge of dog breeds, and the exact snuggliness of each one.

Smiling Leonberger Puppy

Yes, his fur is just as soft as you think it is.

Leonberger Puppy Looking Plaintive

The black mask is amazing. What other breeds have these?

Sitting Leonberger Puppy

Kodak is 3 months old. And already this big. Jeez.

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  1. Kunal Desai says:

    The owner is a photographer by profession and seeing this puppy I have made up my mind to get one since then. I am trying to reach the owner but have not seen him. This is on SOMA

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