Dog of the Long Day: Pax the American Bulldog

So, this happened today: Concur buys Hipmunk to add search to its travel and expense management platform. Don’t worry for me, everything’s fine. Just… shaken up quite a bit.

It’s been a long day. Yes. Quite. So here’s Pax, aka pax_the_americanbulldog on the magic instamagrams. Pax means peace, which is what we need a little more of. Also, please adore her ears, for that is what they are there for.

American Bulldog Puppy

Go look at her instagram. It is magnificent.

Brindle And White American Bulldog Puppy Sitting

I feel like she has a map of some undiscovered world on her side.

Woman Petting Brindle And White American Bulldog Puppy

You can always tell when someone knows exactly how to pet a dog.

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