Caturday Supplement: Blue-Eyed Labrakitty

Well, lookee what we have here: a kitty that would get along great with yesterday’s rather shocking-looking lab. I know, I know, the kitty doesn’t look like she’d get along with anyone, but trust me… any cat that is as sweet and gregarious as she was in an outdoor cage in an unfamiliar environment in the middle of a noisy street fair is really something.

Cream Cat With Orange Tail Stands In Cage

She was older, and I seem to recall a health issue. Hope she was adopted.

Cream Cat With Faint Tiger Markings On Face Stands In Cage

Fortunately, she was in no danger: she was at a no-kill shelter in Berkeley.

Cream Cat With Faint Tiger Markings On Face And Hilariously Disgruntled Expression

I just adore this expression. Looks like me before I’ve had a shower in the morning.

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2 Responses to Caturday Supplement: Blue-Eyed Labrakitty

  1. Sandy says:

    She’s beautiful – I love watching kittens play and nap, but would much prefer an adult cat in my house (of which I have two).

    • Adam Lang says:

      You’re lucky. I occasionally cat-sit for the sweetest cat ever… totally always in the mood for a bout of five or ten minutes of play, but also just always in the mood to cuddle. That’s the kind of cat I want!

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