Sunday Switchup: Two No-Longer-Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

I found these two in a pet store. (Not for sale, for adoption, from one of the local rescue groups.) At first I was sad to hear their story: apparently they had some health problems that meant that they couldn’t return to the flock of parrots on Telegraph Hill. But after a little thought, I came to the conclusion that if someone can give them a happy home, and give them medicine once a day, well, maybe they wouldn’t mind it too much.

They sure seemed happy in the cage, chirping away and fluttering around and playing. Until I came near, and then they were… less thrilled.

Two Cherry-Headed Conures In A Cage

Cherry- or ruby-headed conure. Quite a pretty name, for quite a pretty bird.

A Closeup Of Two Cherry-Headed Conures Smiling For The Camera

I’m sure they’re just nervous, but I can’t help but think they look like they’re posing for the camera.

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