Dog of the Day: Field Spaniel Mix

I ran across this pup and I was utterly bewildered for quite some time. A stocky dog with classic ‘long dog’ build, not as squat as a basset hound but definitely with very short legs for his size. Ears that most closely remind me of those of a saluki, which he could not possibly resemble less. Fur coloration and texture combination like absolutely nothing that I can think of. I seem to recall the owners speculating about Gordon setter ancestry, but that certainly doesn’t explain the color or the shape or, well, I just can see it. Gordon setters are so tall and skinny. You’d have to cross them with something with no legs at all in order to come up with something like this guy.

And yet the ears (aside from their color) and the size and the fur texture all reminded me of something. Now what was it… Oh man, it was Baylor the field spaniel! In fact, this guy looks like a cross between Baylor and his best friend, Lyra the ‘silken windhound’. But he couldn’t possibly… I mean, they couldn’t possibly… I mean how could that even…

Well, I guess I’ll let you be the judge.

Very Strange-Looking Fluffy Dog

Could possibly also be a field spaniel/German shepherd? Maybe?

Black Fluffy Dog Sniffing Brown And Black Fluffy Dog's Butt

Importunate stranger wanders up. Also, look at those FEETS!

Very Strange-Looking Black And Tan Fluffy Dog

Here you can see the ‘long and squat’ shape. Weird dog. Happy though.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Field Spaniel Mix

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Very sweet face – that’s what matters ;-}!!

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