Dog of the Day: Dom the Pomeranian Husky Mix Puppy

Well, another day goes by without me posting that pup I keep meaning to post. My excuse this time is that I’m trying to find a way to post some live photos, because there are a couple of him that are totally adorable, but the way I did it last time each photo can take upwards of an hour, and they can’t be trimmed or edited in any way, which is also a bit of a dealbreaker. I’m trying out a Google iPhone app that supposedly will do what I want… maybe? We’ll see.

In any case, in the mean time, I trust that Dom will tide you over. Dom is a 10-month-old Pomeranian Siberian Husky mix puppy with a whole lot of attitude and a very, very striking appearance.

Black Pomeranian Husky Puppy Looking Happy And Adorable

I honestly had no idea what Dom was. I’ve never seen a black ‘pomsky’ before.

Pomeranian Husky Mix Puppy Looking Utterly Hilariously Freaked Out

Okay, this might be my favorite dog expression in quite some time.

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