A Tail of Two Peppers, Part 2: Pepper the German Shepherd Husky Mix

So, yesterday (shh, I know it was two days ago, just pretend with me) I posted an adorable male 5-year-old German shepherd mix named Dr. Pepper. So today may I introduce Pepper, an adorable female 1.5-year-old German shepherd mix. And yes, she doesn’t have her doctorate yet, but come ON, she’s only ten and a half in human years!

In the immortal words of Peter Venkman, “Oh, we have to get these two together.”

Come to think of it, the response, “I think that would be extraordinarily dangerous,” might also apply. Tails flying everywhere, bruised knees galore.

German Shepherd Husky Mix

Look at the markings on her chest. Lovely.

German Shepherd Husky Mix

A little of the same stare, although not quite as intense.

German Shepherd Husky Mix

I’m serious. We need to get these two together.

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