Dog of the Day: Payton the Australian Shepherd

I hear Payton (boy, 9 years old) has some obscure sports figure named after him.

Why the goggles, you ask? Funny thing: it seems that Payton has a skin disease that is turning all the fur on his head white. It didn’t use to be at all. Many dogs piebald dogs, and also many of those who are born entirely white or with entirely white heads, have vision problems or (sometimes) are entirely blind, and it seems that Payton is developing some of those vision problems himself, even though he only started gradually getting the white fur over the last few years. I’d never heard of this before, but I saw before-and-after pictures and they’re very dramatic. Weird!

Happily, it seems that he’s able to see in normal light okay, and that the googles help a lot, out in direct sunlight. He didn’t seem to have any trouble seeing me.

Australian Shepherd In Ski Goggles

It wasn’t hard to get Payton to look at me. It was hard to keep Payton looking at me, when mom and dad had bacon on their plates.

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