Caturday Supplement: Princess Evie the Master Blepper

Evie is one of Autumn’s frequent kitty-sitting charges. I just got to spend the day watching the Puppy Bowl with her, and she is the sweetest thing EVER! She sat in my lap through the whole thing and just purred and purred and purred.

Woman Holding Tuxedo Cat

Autumn sleeps over there fairly frequently, and Evie sleeps on top of her. And purrs. Constantly.

Black Cat With Gold Eyes

She pretty much let me do anything. I held her upside down, I held her while she had her claws clipped… she just mellowed out.

Tuxedo Cat At Green Water Bowl

Evie’s an indoor-outdoor cat. She’s getting older so she’s more into hanging out inside now.

Tuxedo Kitty With Gold Eyes

Look at those eyes!

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