Dog of the Day: Pack Pomeranian

Someone’s not entirely sold on the backpack, but if it lets him come into the office every day he’s willing to put up with it.

It’s pretty amazing: every time Google rolls out a change to their search algorithm, it results in their search engine sending fewer and fewer people my way. I’m literally down to 1/4 what they were sending me two years ago, even though I have a bunch more content and quite a few more external links. It really seems like they are simply getting less and less interested in content that is created by end users, for end users. They’d rather send people to web sites that poach my pictures illegally and use them to sell flea and tick products, or indeed simply use them to get people to load a thousand web ads.

Not sure I like where this ‘internet’ thingie is headed, when we delegate all of our responsibility for determining that to Google. Maybe it’s just me.

Man Strapping Pomeranian Into Backpack

I don’t have any notes on the pup, but I’m pretty sure he’s 11 or 12.

Man With Pomeranian Strapped To His Back

The guy is being such a drama queen! That dog weighs less than my laptop.

Pomeranian In A Backpack

Needs doggles.

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