Dog of the Day: Martini the Sad Greyhound

This is Martini. She’s a rescue greyhound, rescued after only one race. Apparently she didn’t do terribly well, which was great news for her. She’s a little shy, but warms up to people quickly.

But she’s a sad pup, because her sister Olive passed away recently, from an autoimmune issue. Poor gal. At least she’s being treated very well: dad is even bringing her in to work, to make sure she doesn’t get too lonesome without her sister.

Martini the Greyhound

Whenever I see a greyhound, especially one with this coloration, I always think of a dainty little doe.

Martini the Greyhound

Their bodies always look so odd at rest, but when you see them running, especially just for the joy of it, when they're playing with other dogs, they look so graceful.

Martini the Greyhound

It's not just the body and stance that look doelike... the shape of the face, and the eyes, do too.

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