Dog of the Day: Toto the Toy Poodle

Oh my god, it’s a muppet! No, it’s a teeny tiny bear! No, it turns out it’s a 10-month-old brown toy poodle named Toto.

Brown Toy Poodle

I think this may be the cutest toy poodle I have ever seen. They're so much cuter when they're not turned into topiary.

Brown Toy Poodle

Toto is definitely not one to hold still while his picture is taken.

Brown Toy Poodle

Danger! Teeny-tiny levels of pink puppytongue detected!

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6 Responses to Dog of the Day: Toto the Toy Poodle

  1. Patty says:

    I am looking to adopt a chocolate dark brown female toy poodle

  2. Kim Lewis says:

    Looking for a black female poodle. Can u help me?

  3. Jerva Cox says:

    Iā€™m looking for a teacup chocolate brown poodle.

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