Dog of the Day: Bernese Mountain Dog/Golden Retriever Mix

Can you believe that this guy is the same breed mix as this guy is?

Bernese Mountain Dog/Golden Retriever Mix

They do have a few things in common: they're both big, they both have floppy ears, they both love everybody.

Half Bernese Mountain Dog, Half Golden Retriever

But Mulligan didn't have 'toehawks': the big fluffy tufts of fur that come from between a golden retriever's toes. Ridiculous.

Bernese Mountain Dog/Golden Retriever Mix

Another thing they have in common: they're very photogenic...

Bernese Mountain Dog/Golden Retriever Mix

...and they're both total hams.

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7 Responses to Dog of the Day: Bernese Mountain Dog/Golden Retriever Mix

  1. sandra orman says:

    do you have any more; we owned a golden/burner and we just loved it. It just died at 9yo of tick fever. I am looking for another one. Any suggestions?

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  3. HoundyMcHound says:

    We recently got a beautiful dog from a shelter and we couldn’t work out what breed he was AND NOW WE KNOW thanks to this wonderful website. We were convinced he was Rottweiler x Golden Retriever but he is a mirror image of this lovely hound and now it all makes sense and the world is even better than it was before. He’s a darling boofhead with a heart of gold. GOLD I TELL YOU.

    Thanks for helping out.

    • Adam Lang says:

      You’re more than welcome! Got any pictures of your pup?

      A golden/Berner mix is almost too much awesome for any one dog to hold. Totally unfair! 🙂

  4. Elisabeth says:

    Seriously Adam, have you heard of a hovawart? I just posted the same question on the other dog listed as a shepherd/Rottie mix. I don’t know how to upload a picture, doesn’t allow me but just google the breed.

    • Adam Lang says:

      I have indeed heard of them! In fact, I’m gonna post one for you today!

      But this fine pup is like 30 pounds heavier than the heaviest a havawort is supposed to get. And Trucker (the other one) had ears that stuck out to the side, which suggests that he was a mix of one breed with up ears and another with down. Also Trucker’s dad said that he was pretty sure about the breed.

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