Sunday Switchup: English as Apple Pie

I did another order from The Brazen Head, and thought I’d try out another dessert after a bit of a disappointment last time. I figured I’d try their ‘fruit pie’ (it didn’t say what kind). Sorry that the presentation isn’t all it could be, but that’s certainly not their fault. I couldn’t get the pie out of the box without making it disintegrate.

Slice of Peach Pie

This time it was peach. And it was lovely. I didn’t order it with ice cream, but upon consideration, it would have been gilding the lily. The crust somehow managed to be just about perfect, despite sitting in a box for about 35 minutes. The filling was great, a little on the sweet side for me, but I prefer tart to sweet. Nothing in any way innovative or exciting about it, which knocks it down to a still very solid 4/5. Would order again in a second.

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