Adam’s Dog of the Day: Australian Shepherd

Today’s random dog is a gorgeous blue merle Australian Shepherd, taken outside of the Crossroads Cafe in SOMA.  As with all random dogs, if this is yours, or you know whose it is, pipe up in the comments!

Loungin' in the shade

Loungin' in the shade

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2 Responses to Adam’s Dog of the Day: Australian Shepherd

  1. KeithJM says:

    Are you sure this isn’t a Shetland Sheep Dog? Those are pretty skinny legs for an Aussie. Did it have a tail?

  2. alang says:

    The pup was completely sans tail, so I’m pretty sure he’s Australian. Then again, I didn’t even know that Shetland Sheep Dogs could have that coloration… you learn something new every day.


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