Dog of the Day: Caylee the English Shepherd

Neither Autumn nor I had ever heard of an English Shepherd before, but we totally fell for this gal as soon as we saw her. Apparently English Shepherds were actually bred in the United States, and are of the same lineage as collies. And they’re super-smart and hardworking and loyal and trustworthy and brave and thrifty and… oh, no, wait, that’s boy scouts. Well, many of those things, anyway.

They also make great silhouettes.

English Shepherd

Caylee is absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe there aren't more English Shepherds around.

English Shepherd

Cute as a button! I love the 'V' shape on the forehead.

English Collie

Such a happy smile. Almost think these pups are related to golden retrievers.

English Shepherd

Her tail looks kind of like my eyebrows: big and fluffy, and a different color on the top than the bottom.

English Shepherd

And here she demonstrates that in addition to being a poised, ladylike pup, she is also quite capable of being a goofball.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Caylee the English Shepherd

  1. M.C. says:

    I totally know which East Bay Park this is. =)

    Caylee is indeed gorgeous. But I’m also partial to red and white dogs with widow’s peaks or strong facial markings.

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