Dog of the Day: Theo(dore) the Goldendoodle

Theo (3) is a pretty unusual goldendoodle: scruffy fur (trimmed close at the moment), white blazes on nose and chest. But he’s definitely got the attitude of a goldendoodle, and that’s what really counts.

I believe it was Theo’s mom who told me she collects photos of abandoned shoes. I encouraged her to start a web site called The Shoes of San Francisco. If she does, I’ll be sure and link it!

Golden Retriever Poodle Mix
I got annoyed by the background and erased most of it. It’s a little weird-looking. I need more training in this stuff.
Goldendoodle Jumping Into The Air
It’s hard to tell, but his hind legs are at least six inches off the ground. Heck of a leaper!
Got a great grin, doesn’t he?
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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Theo(dore) the Goldendoodle

  1. Angela Tooker Stone says:

    Absolutely adorable! Do you let Theo’s hair grow out normally? I have an American Eskimo and I cut him pretty short in the summer. I’m coming to SF soon and I’m so excited!

    • Adam Lang says:

      I think Theo’s mom might be dropping by, so hopefully she can answer for you.

      As for me, I’ll just say I hope I see you and your Eskie, so I can get some pictures!

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