Dog of the Day: Pretzel the “Border Collie Mini Doodle” Puppy

First of all, how awesome a name is ‘Pretzel?’ Second, I am not sure what ‘border collie mini doodle’ means, but it’s what I have written down. Possibly half goldendoodle and half border collie, or possibly just border collie/poodle. Anyway, she’s eight months old, and looks amazingly scruffy but is actually quite soft. Just like me! (Well… if I don’t shave for a day.)

Woman Petting Golden Retriever Mix Puppy
This is a friend of mine who helped me pet ALL THE DOGS a couple weekends ago. (The one in the fox hoodie, not the scruffball.)
Scruffy Golden Retriever Mix Puppy
Almost qualifies as a ‘schnozz shot’.
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