Dog of the Day: Darcy the Newfie/Border Collie Mix

Certainly never seen this mix before. Looks a lot like a flat-coated retriever, doesn’t she?

Newfoundland/Border Collie Mix

Big black dogs with big black dog noses!

Newfoundland/Border Collie Mix

Isn't there a rule about not pointing things when you don't know if they're loaded or not?

Border Collie/Newfoundland Mix

Aww. Soulful look.

Border Collie/Newfoundland Mix

Big yawn. And yes, that is a slightly disturbing-looking spotty tongue.

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36 Responses to Dog of the Day: Darcy the Newfie/Border Collie Mix

  1. This one is a keeper. I love this mix. I nice big fluffy slightly less driven BC dog. What’s not to love?

  2. Alexis says:

    Are you positive on the breeds in this cross? I ask because I just adopted a dog that looks *extremely* similar and Newf/Border Collie was one of my guesses for the breeding.

  3. Adam Lang says:

    According to the dog’s owner, they were pretty sure, but not 100%.

    I’m still amazed at how similar she looked to a flat coat though.

  4. Bri says:

    My dog looks exactly like this. When I showed my family this picture they couldn’t believe it wasn’t Jax!

  5. mechelle says:

    Where did u get Darcy in California? We have a dog that looks just like her named Maggie. Maggie is a rescue dog who came from california. She is about three years old. She even has a spotted tongue.Is darcy spayed?

    • Adam Lang says:

      I caught Darcy on camera a little over a year ago in San Francisco. She was definitely spayed, since she was a rescue and all the rescues around here are required to be spayed. But I’m afraid I don’t know where they got her. I do think that she was pretty young when I took her picture (maybe two-ish), so she might be the same age as your dog now, three years old.

  6. Sarah says:

    Hi, From the Uk! I rescued a puppy in feb, who now looks exactly like Darcy. Exactly, except male. I took him to a young farmers meeting at the pub, where the landlord is a Newfie breeder, he has had newfies his whole life, and when Bertie (My dog) was a pup he shouted across to me as we walked in, thats no lab x, as i thought he was a Collie x Retriever, he looked at his feet and his coat and showed me photos of his newfie pup as he said that he would put money on Bertie being part newfie. I just laughed. But now he is 8 months and he looks exactly like Darcy. He was rescued to be a sheepdog, or at least a bit of help! So far, he is great. which is a stroke of luck. So bizarre to see how similar he looks to Darcy! Madness!!!!

  7. Sarah says:

    Odd isnt it, Its like with people, I always seem to see two of one person or as most people say, someones double. Bertie is 8 months and stands as tall as our Ridgeback, about an inch and a half off out Bloodhound height, and still growing. He has such power in him too. Going to weight him at some point to see how heavy he is. Im not fussed how big he grows, he’s the best boy i could have asked for. Makes life alot easier with the sheep..

  8. Minou says:

    Absolutely, love the soulful eyes of this dog. Hope the dog found a great home.
    Looks like a Newfoundland cross for sure.

  9. Chally says:

    I don’t know how long ago this was posted, but I also have a Newfie/Border Collie cross, and I was wondering how large Darcy is and what age?
    She looks the same size as my Maeby, who is about 9 mo. or so.
    How large should I expect her to grow?

    • Adam Lang says:

      It was posted nearly two years ago, but I still remember Darcy. I think she was fully grown, and was roughly 65 lbs. However, border collie/Newfie crosses can vary widely… I’ve seen a couple since I met Darcy, and one of them was the size of a border collie (maybe 30 to 35 pounds) and the other was a little bigger than Darcy. I’m afraid you’re just going to have to wait, but I’d guess that at the very least your pup is still going to fill out some… most of the larger dogs do at that age.

      Best of luck to you! That combination makes for a pretty awesome dog.

    • Suzanne says:

      We just recently lost our best friend of 15 years. He was a newfie/border collie cross. My home is full with broken hearts right now..and although we can never replace our beloved friend..we are beginning our search for another who is the same cross breed as he was. They are such wonderful dogs. Do you happen to know if the person you got your puppy from is still breeding? Location doesnt matter to us..we are willing to travel!

      • Janette says:

        Hello, my name is Janette and I help out with a herding dog rescue : HeRD of Wyoming. We are currently fostering a dog, Pippen, who my husband and I are pretty sure is a mix between border collie and newfie. He fits the bill in many ways! He is 4 years old, around 60 pounds. He has webbed feet and back dew claws, is black with white socks and a border collie white blaze on his face. Sweet and laid back, great with the cats, gets along well with kiddos. He has some separation anxiety and that fits with the Newfie personality. This rescue is based in Sheridan WY and you can find out about him and others on the HeRD of WY website.

        • Adam Lang says:

          Hey there! Just to let you know, Suzanne posted her question about a year ago, so she may already have found a pup. Regardless, thanks for finding us and trying to help.

        • Ashley says:

          This dog you are describing sounds like my dog Jake. I adopted him in Oct from AL. Is there a way I can post a picture of him?

          • Adam Lang says:

            The easiest way is for you to post it on one of the image sharing sites (,, or similar) and then put a link to that post in a comment here.

          • Andrea says:

            Ashley, have you posted a picture of your dog? I found this page trying to find the breed of our dog, we also rescued him in October and he came from Alabama. He looks just like Darcy, I now most certainly believe he is a Newfie/Border Collie Mix.

          • Adam Lang says:

            How awesome would it be if long-lost dog-siblings found each other through my site! 😀

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  11. Corinne says:

    We adopted a Newfie/something mix around 7.5 years ago, and he looks so much like this dog! Same nose, tongue, ears, even sitting position. It’s cool to read the comments and to see how many other dogs like ours are out there! Our Jack is a wonderful, sweet dog; this is a great mix!

    • Adam Lang says:

      You’re right… I’ve run into a couple Newfie mixes since Darcy, and they were all wonderful dogs.

      Got any pictures of Jack online? Feel free to post some links in a comment!

  12. Aoife says:

    Our newest member of our family is a border Newfie and is the most beautiful clever girl heather ! 5 months now and growing .. A lot !

    • Adam Lang says:

      Aw! If you have any pictures of her online, feel free to leave a link in the comments! (If not, is a good place to upload them to!)

  13. Linda Triff says:

    I lost my beautiful Oreo last May, after 12 great years. He looked a lot like Darcy, except that Oreo had white on his feet and chest. He was a wonderful dog, super gentle and super intelligent. He usually ranged between 50 & 60 pounds. I would definitely love to get another Newfie border collie mix. Does anyone know anyone who breeds them?

    • Adam Lang says:

      Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of anyone. I wish you best of luck finding a new pup, though.

    • suzanne says:

      We had one. He was such a wonderful dog. His name was Sparky. He lived to be 15. A while after he passed we posted an ad online searching for a newfie/border collie pup. Someone replied within a week and we went and picked her up. She has very much the same personality as Sparky, although she is shorter than he was. Good luck in your search! They are amazing dogs that’s for sure:)

    • Joanne says:

      A Newfie collie mix, puppy, can be found on Retrievers and Friends online California rescue.

  14. Anna says:

    I can’t believe how similar she looks to my Bear!

  15. Rene Villa says:

    I am sad to report Darcy died on February 11th. She suffered unexpected renal failure. We had her for seven wonderful years (she was around 7.5 years old). She was truly a unique and beautiful dog. She was sweet, loving and loyal, she will be missed dearly.
    Thank you for the pictures on your site, you captured her unique beauty, and it gives me great comfort to see them when I am feeling down.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that! It’s been over six years and I still remember running into Darcy in front of the Crossroads Cafe. EVERYONE was stopping to pet her, and it wasn’t hard to see why: she was so sweet and so pretty. I’d say you were very lucky to have had her.

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