Dog of the Day: Ryker the Sixteen Year Old Black And Tan Virginia Foxhound?

No idea what Ryker is named after. I should have asked. But I do know that he’s sixteen whole years old! He is a little bit stiff — and boy, do I know that feeling, given my shoulder bursitis — but he still gets around okay. (Also seems to have better eyesight than I do. Bah.)

His dad told me he was a ‘black and tan’ and I may have been a little hasty in filling in ‘coonhound’, but that’s what it says in my notes. Looking at him, though, he looks a lot closer to a Black And Tan Virginia foxhound, one who originally had no white in his coat but who has, like me, lightened up a bit with age. I don’t know for sure, but that’s what I’m going to go with. And if he is a Black and Tan Virginia foxhound, he’s the first we’ve had on this blog, ever! Go, Ryker, go!

Old Black And Tan Coonhound With White Face
Coonhounds are apparently one of the breeds with ‘pointy heads’.
Old Black And Tan Coonhound Poking His Nose Into The Camera
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