Caturday Supplement: Num (‘Noom’) the Bhutanese Kitty

I just ran into Num (5-ish) today, when she and her friend were wandering around Pacific Heights. It turns out the woman with Num was just cat-sitting for a while. Num is used to going out for walks every day, and has been since she was a kitten, so she took her out to Lafayette Park for some playtime.

Num has another awesome story associated with her, too, though. It seems that her mom was traveling in Bhutan five years ago. She was indoors in the evening, and heard some commotion outside. She opened the door, and a kitten streaked inside. Mom shut the door just in time to keep the wild dogs who were after her from getting in. And they’ve been partners ever since.

Woman Holding Marmalade Tiger Tabby
That’s a cat carrier on her back, but apparently Num is quite well-behaved and does not try to escape on her walks.
Woman Holding Scowling Marmalade Tiger Tabby
It’s so hard for people to read cat expressions. That’s actually a friendly one. Ears forward but not fully pointing toward me, and eyes half clozed, saying ‘I’m comfortable enough that I don’t have to pay all my attention to you.’
Woman Holding Marmalade Tiger Tabby Cat On City Street
I spent more time petting the kitty than I did photographing her. Which is as it should be.
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