Last ‘Stuff About Me’ Post

Kind of *cough* forgot about this. So here’s my last ‘stuff about me’ post, offered with rather less words, and also less content! Hooray!

I Love Pomegranates

No, seriously. If you give me a pomegranate when I don’t have any in my backpack, and have not eaten one in a few days, I will be your friend for life. I can’t help it. Pomegrantes just make me happy.

I Am an Awful Swimmer

I hate putting my head in the water, because I hate getting water up my nose. Hate hate hate. It hurts, no matter what kind of water it is, and comes perilously close to making me freak out under the best of circumstances.

This means that all of my swimming is an ungainly flopping about, keeping my head above water while trying to propel myself. The only strokes that I can do properly are the ones that keep my head out of water, and most of them are hideously inefficient.

I hate that this will prevent me from ever going scuba diving, but, well, that’s life, I guess.

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