Double Dog Day: Denim and Merle the Teacup Australian Shepherds

If I recall correctly, these people were the breeders of these ‘teacup’ Australian Shepherds. I did not build this blog to be a vehicle for my theories regarding responsible dog breeding, so I will merely say that they seemed to be happy, sociable, and adorable.

If I am deciphering my notes correctly, the red (merle) one is Merle and the blue (merle) one is Denim. But I’m not sure about that.

Teacup Australian Shepherds

Wow. Those are some truly ridiculous ears.

Teacup Australian Shepherds

Someone's been swimming. Or at least wading.

Teacup Australian Shepherd

Ridiculous schnozosity too.

Teacup Australian Shepherd

They're full grown, but clearly this one will be mistaken for a puppy all her life.

Teacup Australian Shepherd

Denim wasn't nearly as shy as this expression might lead you to expect.

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3 Responses to Double Dog Day: Denim and Merle the Teacup Australian Shepherds

  1. jen says:

    Interesting concept, but very cute dogs!

  2. Adam Lang says:

    Definitely cute dogs. To steal a word from Meg Frost, they’re ‘redonkulous’.

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