Double Dog Day: Missie and Raven the German Shepherds

Another set of pictures from ‘Bay to Barkers.’ Perhaps unsurprisingly, Missie is the white one and Raven is the very dark (for a shepherd) one. These two were very clearly old friends, in the ‘us against the world’ vein.

(I think they’re winning.)

German Shepherds

I just heard someone complaining about German shepherds yesterday, so I had to post a couple awesome ones in their defense.

German Shepherd

Looks like of like one of the varieties of Belgian shepherds, but given that (as you can see in the background) his mom and dad were German shepherd specialists, I suspect they knew what they were talking about.

German Shepherds

Never seen a white dog colored quite that way before, with the cream about the ears.

German Shepherds

You can tell the white one is a real character.

German Shepherds

I rest my case.

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