Caturday Supplement: Geoffrey’s Cat

No, this isn’t the cat of a guy named Geoffrey… it’s kitten of a species of South American feline. And it is adorable, and tiny (the adults only get up to 10 lbs or so), and utterly fearless. The lady, part of an educational group called “Classroom Safari” (or, sometimes, “Birthday Safari”) that brings wild animals to classrooms and events for kids, definitely has her hands full with this kitten.

Not to say that I wouldn’t fill my hands with this kitten in an instant, if it didn’t require quitting my job and hand-raising it full time for a couple of months. But I would probably put on oven mitts first.

Geoffrey's Cat (South American Wild Cat)

Not going to apologize for image quality this time: it was way too dark in there, and the animals moved fast and didn't like flashes. I'm lucky I got anything!

Geoffrey's Cat (South American Wild Cat)

A little blurry, but I love the 'vicious kitty' posture!

Geoffrey's Cat (South American Wild Cat)

Faster picture, underexposed and then compensated for. Looks pretty bad, but actually I'm shocked it came out this good. In the exposure, the dynamic range of the picture is around 1/20th of the possible range for the camera, all at the low end.

Geoffrey's Cat (South American Wild Cat)

Spent around an hour on this in Photoshop. Still not great, but at least it's no longer covered with pink and purple splotches. Looked like the woman had some terrible virulent skin condition.

Geoffrey's Cat (South American Wild Cat)

One of a few flash photos. Didn't want to flash him right in the eyes.

Geoffrey's Cat (South American Wild Cat)

This one, now. This one I blame myself for. Dammit, best pose of the lot, and I cut the head off.

Geoffrey's Cat (South American Wild Cat)

This woman is a lot braver than I am. With teeth and claws like that? Yeah. I'd be wearing oven mitts, if not an entire space suit.


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2 Responses to Caturday Supplement: Geoffrey’s Cat

  1. Megan McGoldrick says:

    I am looking for information on adopting and raising cats like these. I would really appreciate any information and help you can give me, thank you. Megan

    • Adam Lang says:

      I wish you luck, but I haven’t the faintest idea. I can tell you, though, that it’s illegal in California unless you have a wild animal license, which is really hard to get.

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