Canid of the Day: Fennec Fox!

Okay, it’s Caturday, and I don’t have any cats. What I do have is a ridiculous animal with far too much in the way of ears. Perhaps that will do instead?

(Fennec courtesy of Classroom Safari.)

Fennec Fox

I've been bitten by a few dogs in my time. I would happy add a Fennec to that list if it meant I could play with him. Well, and it didn't remove any fingers.

Fennec Fox

Super cuddly Fennec action!

Fennec Fox

I spent a while adjusting the lighting on this one. It took me some time to remember that Fennecs actually do have deep black eyes.

Fennec Fox

Look into that ear. It is like a giant, deep, dark cave. An adorably cute cave.

Fennec Fox

Aww. Poor Fennec! Don't get downhearted. Everyone thinks you're ridiculously adorable!

Fennec Fox

His ears look a little gnawed on, but nothing too terrible.

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3 Responses to Canid of the Day: Fennec Fox!

  1. M.C. says:

    I LOVE these guys!

  2. Adam says:

    Can you please send me any information on how I can purchase a fennec kit in the Bay Area? Thanks!

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