Caturday Supplement: Leftover Macy’s Kitties

I thought I ought to post these before Macy’s put out this year’s crop.

Remember: adoptable kittens (from the SFSPCA!) and puppies in the Macy’s Union Square windows, starting on Thanksgiving weekend and ending around New Year’s. Come visit, and bring home a kitten… or puppy… or both!


This one, as I recall, was the most entertaining of all. Chased people's fingers through the glass, etc. Also meant that it was nearly impossible to get a non-blurry shot.


The best kind of kitten for fluff therapy. Just enough fluff to bury your face in.


This kitten has a definite position on the Santa Claus controversy.


Now, if I had ear hair like that, nobody would call me cute!


With my new camera in hand, I'm hoping get more kitten play activity this year. Last year, with just the iPhone, they were just blurs when they were playing with the toys.


The world stops for kitten itches, too, it turns out.

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