Caturday Supplement: Berkeley Humane Society Kitten Nursery Preview, Part 2

The rest of the ridiculous kitten pics from yesterday’s Humane Society Shindig!


There was a puppy in the pet store that this was held at for a while. The kittens were all totally absorbed by him. Not scared, just… fascinated.


A lot of these kittens were from the same litter. Surprisingly different colorations… but then, one litter of cats can have multiple fathers, apparently.


Personal favorite: cats with little grey nosies.


This one has already gotten the ‘please adopt me’ look down pat.


If they’d been ready to adopt out, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have gone home with all three of these guys in my pockets. Resistance… crumbling…

Three Kittens Staring At The Photographer

Close-up. I used this for my tee shirt.

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