(Slightly Late) Dog of the Day: Very Patient Australian Shepherd

Good thing that this sweetie is patient, because I got to her a little late.

(Had an appointment with a large strange piece of medical equipment this afternoon, and I didn’t quite get a chance to post a dog beforehand. Sorry ’bout that.)

Australian Shepherd

She was being patient out in front of the Crossroads Cafe. What a sweet face.

Australian Shepherd

It kind of amazes me that dogs still get their winter coats, even in the super-mild San Francisco winters.


Yes, yes, I know I just posted a heterochromatic Aussie. What can I say... they're gorgeous!

Australian Shepherd

I love this pose. Faithful companion waits patiently for master to return. She even looks casual about it.

Australian Shepherd

It wouldn't be a Dog of the Day without a little tongue showing.

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