Double Dog Day: Two French Bulldogs

These two were chilling out in front of the Crossroads Café, begging for skritches. (Someday I’ll be able to remember the difference between French bulldogs and Boston terriers. Until then, there’s Google image search.)

French Bulldogs

There are a few places to tie up dogs outside this cafe. They were tied up at the the 'we get to lick everyone going in or out' location.

French Bulldogs

Those two have never met the dogs before. They just walked up and said 'Oh god look at those cute little dogs!' Kindred spirits.

French Bulldogs

I am not sure how I got his attention, but you must admit, it's cute!

(Sorry boys, I don’t think your affection-hunting technique would work for me.)

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2 Responses to Double Dog Day: Two French Bulldogs

  1. lilly says:

    they’re frenchies and they’re beautiful….and that freindly, “i love you” behaviour, is their charm….great breed!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Absolutely. Them, pugs, and Boston terriers. They all have a goofy look to them, and they all just love everybody all the time. I would give a lot to have that kind of attitude myself, some days.

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