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I’m not going to black out my site for it (edit: okay, I found an easy way to black out my site for a day, and so I am doing so after all!), or modify my logo (because I still haven’t figured out how to get the damn thing back up there!) but you can count me as one of the many sites that’s against SOPA/PROTECT-IP. Having read the provisions of it, even a humble little web site that posts only its own content and doesn’t have a ‘foreign’ domain name, like mine, could well be impacted by the law.

I know one of my rules on here is ‘no politics’, but I don’t think it’s playing politics to come out against a law like this. After all, when was the last time the major Tea Party groups, the ACLU,, and pretty much all of the left-wing and right-wing blogs on the Internet were all on the same side of one issue? (All opposed, of course.)

Please, if you live in the United States, find out where your Senators and Congressperson stand on this and then contact the ones who are for it and tell them that you oppose it strongly. And, if you have time, contact the ones who are against it and thank them. (If you live in San Francisco, I’ll save you the trouble: Rep. Pelosi came out strongly against SOPA/PIPA. However, Senators Feinstein and Boxer are both co-sponsors of PIPA in the Senate. Please contact them and make your voice heard!)

Tomorrow I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled doggies.

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