Dog of the Day: Paddington the Pomeranian/Dachshund Mix Puppy

Pretty cute! The breed mix is a guess, based on head shape and ear floof, and that a similar-looking puppy pupped… er, popped up here a while back. Similarly adorable, I’d say. When this picture was taken (last September) Paddington was 5 months old, and was congenitally unable to stop wagging his tail.

Dachshund/Pomeranian Mix

Note big eyes, poofly ears, blurred tail.

Pomeranian/Dachshund Mix

Funny look for a dachsund mix, with those long legs, but the head looks SOOO dachshund-y!

Dachshund/Pomeranian Mix

Daddy loves his pup. These two were a photographer's nightmare, though. Every picture, either he's looking down at the pup...

Dachshund/Pomeranian Mix

...or the pup is hiding his face against dad!

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Paddington the Pomeranian/Dachshund Mix Puppy

  1. Gabriella says:

    My dog looks like that too.
    Got him from a shelter. According to the previous owners he’s half chihuahua, quarter dachshund and quarter jack russel terrier.

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