Dog of the Day: Scruffylicious!

Okay, we have seen this guy before, when he was the victim of a vicious akita attack! (Insert scare chords here.) I had no idea what the was, then, and I still don’t, but maybe now that we have some better pictures we can get Autumn to weigh in.

Oh, and the second dog in the last picture might also look a little familiar. This one is easy to remember, since I had a giant stretched canvas printed up of the last picture on that page. It came out awesome.

Scruffy Dog

Anyone have a guess as to what this guy might be?

Scruffy Dog

I am not familiar with canine gaits, but this one looks like his backside is drifting away.

Scruffy Dog

The ears look odd in this one, sort of crinkled in on themselves.

Scruffy Dog

When nobody's willing to take care of your itchiness for you, sometimes you have to take matters into your own paw.

Scruffy Dog and Red Heeler Mix

Stereotypical canine interactions.

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