Dog of the Day: American Akita Inu and Unknown Mix

Not sure about the victim’s breed, but the one on top is definitely an American Akita. Never realized until recently how big those guys actually are: they average more than 100 lbs! In fact, they’re the only breed that averages over 100 lbs that lives, on average, longer than ten years (according to the best survey I could find). And so pretty!

Plus we have a bonus white foofly dog. Autumn and I always have trouble identifying them.

Akita Inu, Unknown Mixed Breed, and Small White Fluffy Dog

Watching dogs play can be so disconcerting when you've never owned one. When the teeth are out, it looks scary as hell, even though every other indicator says that they are having a blast.

American Akita Inu and Unknown Mixed-Breed Dog

I love the placement of the akita paws.

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