Double Dog Day: Bloodhound Mix And German Shepherd Mix

Caught these two at a dog park not too far from work. Autumn thinks the brown one looks bloodhoundy, and I think there may be some ridgeback in there too. The other one, at a guess, looks German shepherdish to me.

Bloodhound/Ridgeback Mix and German Shepherd Mix

Sadly, Baker & Hamilton (an old tool company that was founded to sell tools to gold-rush miners) is no more.

Bloodhound/Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

One reason I think he's a ridgeback mix is his energy level.

German Shepherd Mix

Goofy grin.

Rhodesian Ridgeback/Bloodhound Mix

A little blurry, but still, I think, worth it.

German Shepherd Mix

Is it just me, or is that expression a bit sarcastic?

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2 Responses to Double Dog Day: Bloodhound Mix And German Shepherd Mix

  1. M.C. says:

    Good lookin’ pair! Love that nice, deep red. And the ears that flop in six directions at once, of course.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Yeah. I need to start carrying my good camera around more. When I see dogs like this one playing, it makes me pine for something that can stop them in their tracks. Because ears that stick out at 47-degree angles all over the place are hilarious.

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