Dog of the Day: Hungarian Sheep Dog (Puli)

They don’t get a lot more ridiculous than this. It actually took me about 30 or 40 seconds to realize it was actually a dog, and that’s after I had seen several of these online. (And one Puli puppy, but they look rather different.)

I asked what kind it was, and the owner said it was a ‘Hungarian Sheep Dog’, so I thought maybe this was something different. According to wikipedia, though, that’s just another term for Puli, so whatever.

Still ridiculous.

I challenge you to tell me which end is head.

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Hungarian Sheep Dog (Puli)

  1. bishop27 says:

    i have a feeling i know why he said “hungarian sheep dog” instead of “Puli”… we have a Puli (and are moving up to SF in a few weeks so maybe we’ll see you around) and whenever we say “he’s a Puli,” 97% of the time, the person goes, “Poodle and aaaaaaaaaaa…….” Then of course we have to go, “he’s actually a pure bred hungarian sheep dog called a Puli” but he probably got tired of saying that. of course ours is still a puppy so he doesn’t have his dreads yet, which adds to the confusion but there are corded poodles as well.

    • Kaths says:

      I have a Puli as well!!! And say hungarian sheep dog too haha. It gets tiresome explaining that its not a poodle mix.

      • Adam Lang says:

        Hah, I never thought of that. What would that be? I can’t off the top of my head think of any breeds of dog that start or end with the ‘li’ sound.

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