Adoptable Dog of the Day: Max the Super-Mellow Siberian Husky

No caturday supplement today. I am getting pretty low on cat pictures, but that’s not why: I promised that I’d post pictures of Max ASAP, because he’s down at SF Animal Care and Control looking for a home, and he’s so totally awesome that I wanted to give my readers a chance at him before he gets snatched up! (He’s a very new arrival, hasn’t even been posted on the web site yet, it looks like.)

Max is a 7-year-old super-mellow super-healthy husky. He’s definitely got the goofy/mischievous husky attitude, but in moderation, and he’s not aggressive about it. On the other hand, he got an extra dose of ‘sweet’, and just loves people, even people who poke cameras into his face for no reason. I was the recipient of multiple smooches while visiting with Max.

Siberian Husky

I mistook Max for a malamute, because he’s pretty big, but apparently only huskies can have blue eyes (normally). Maybe he just seemed big next to the petite volunteer who was walking him!

Siberian Husky

Someone socialized the heck outta this pup when he was little. Loves people, and is even polite about it.

Siberian Husky

I want to see Max perform that maneuver when there’s a biscuit balanced on his nose.

Siberian Husky

The volunteers at AC&C really seem to like their work.

Siberian Husky

Max sure seemed to like them, too. (Also: wow. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to adjust for the terrible barrel distortion that this camera has. Yeek.)

Siberian Husky

I knew there had to be a goofy face in there somewhere.

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  1. Vallarie says:

    OMG! the cutest thing ever!

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