DoggiEvent: Yappy Hour, Half Moon Bay (Part 1)

At last, my photo documentation of the Yappy Hour celebration at Half Moon Bay’s Ritz Carlton Hotel. Apparently they’re going to have these on the last Thursday of the month on a regular basis. (I think it’s last Thursday of the month, anyway. Hopefully there’ll be more info on line available soon.)

(By the way: I finally resolved my little hosting issue. Sometimes there is no substitute for a telephone call.)

The Ritz itself is a gorgeous building, on a sea cliff overlooking the Pacific. Some lovely views from some of the rooms, I’m quite certain, although as a lowly blogger who was given a truly ridiculously inexpensive rate, I had to content myself with a merely pretty view off in the opposite direction. How terrible!

Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay

A view of the hotel, from a quarter mile or so away. It doesn’t come a lot more picturesque than this.

There were a variety of pretty spots within a short walk, around the edges of the golf course.

Bridge Near Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

Picturesque, isn’t it?

Ocean Near Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton

The view from the ‘back porch’, so to speak.

And then there was the get-together. It was very low-key, with about a dozen dogs in all, and a single vendor, who had some very fancy dog-related paraphernalia. And three water coolers: one had regular water for the dogs, and the other two were chicken-flavored water and beef-flavored water. (It is not entirely clear to me the difference between that and bullion, but whatever, right?) And, of course, they had all of the amenities:


No comment.

Okay, I didn’t realize quite how long this post was, and I’m quite tired tonight. So tomorrow… the actual dogs! (And a couple of people, too.)


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