Dog of the Day: White Lab

Sweet older pup that I ran into at ‘Food Truck Thursdays‘ at Chameleon Cafe, Pacific and Leavenworth. If you’re in the neighborhood you owe it to yourself to drop by on Thursday evenings: they have a different food truck each week, and a surprising amount of the neighborhood ends up gathering there and socializing. Aside from me cornering these people and tackling their dogs, this may be the first exposure to other people in the neighborhood that some of these people have had!

White Labrador Retriever

Very light yellow lab. I guess these are called ‘white’ by some people, but that still feels weird to me.

Light Yellow Labrador Retriever

Someone was begging for skritches. If I recall correctly (and I might not, I’m missing my notes) this pup was being watched by one of Autumn’s dog-walking/dog-sitting competitors, ‘Who Let The Dogs Out!’

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  1. Melidye Byrd says:

    This looks like Daisy my Lab in Tallahassee,Fl. From San Francisco to Tallahassee there is a connection. Love That! 3 yrs later.

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