Cowterday Supplement: MORE COWBELL!

Autumn and I took a drive down some very… questionable dirt roads last month, on our way to and back from an event in a mountainous area out near Yosemite. How questionable were the roads? Well, let’s just say that when we were done, I spent five minutes peering under the car with a hand-light to make sure that I hadn’t poked any holes in my oil pan.

While we were driving, we ran across (but fortunately not into) a small herd of cows. And these cows were clanging like nobody’s business. Neither Autumn nor I had ever run into cows with actual cowbells before, not even while Autumn was in Ireland. But if you ‘pasture’ your cows in an utter wilderness on the side of a quite steep hill, I can see why it might be a really good idea. (Sorry for the shaky quality of the video… handheld, y’know. But at least you can hear the cowbells.)


They weren’t much interested in us as long as we didn’t get too close.


This one was further down the road. And was VERY freaked out by the car.

We slowed down to cow-speed, and spent around 100 feet trying to figure out how to get the cow to let us go around as she trotted along the road in front of us. Just when I thought she was going to keep out there for miles, she suddenly let us by and then ran off in the other direction.

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