Dog of the Day: Swedish Vallhund

Don’t see nearly enough of these pups around. This is the first one on the blog, in fact, although there’s a pretty good chance that Baloo is part vallhund.

Swedish Vallhund

Happy smile? Check? Stubtacular tail? Check. Ridiculous ears? Check. Short legs? Check. They sure do look like they’re related to corgis.

Swedish Vallhund

This was a game where they hide a hot dog in a box (among many boxes) and the dog has to find it. This pup didn’t do so well until they opened the box for him, but upon reflection, I kind of feel like it’s hardly his fault: he’s probably well-trained NOT to go around trying to steal food from boxes. And now suddenly you’re asking him to? Hmm.

Swedish Vallhund

Such beautiful fur. Tail reminds me of some species of deer or another… can’t quite remember which.

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Swedish Vallhund

  1. Sandy says:

    What a lovely dog!
    How is Ceili doing – sending good thoughts…

    • Adam Lang says:

      Good idea, I should post a Ceili update today. She’s doing well. Her attitude seems to be improving too. All she wants to do is play but she’s not allowed to play fetch for another couple of weeks. Poor pup.

  2. antonia says:

    your dog in picture is a pure bred swedish vallhund….all the way….beautiful….I love these doggies

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